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About FlashDP

FlashDP is a mobile web application that lets you create custom animated gif for BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) display pictures for free.

FlashDP was created by Neo Ighodaro, founder & lead developer at CreativityKills.


FlashDP started out in January 2013. It was initially an experiment to test a separate program being developed, but it became an instant hit with over 3,000 DPs created on the testing day.

FlashDP became a project of it is own in February 2013 and since then, the FlashDP site has been viewed over 4 million times from users in over 100 countries.


FlashDP is currently one of the most widely used BlackBerry mobile web application especially in Nigeria. The site has seen over 30,000 daily page views every day and is growing by the second.

Download our traffic infographic.

Advertising on FlashDP is open to the public but the advertisers are subject to constant strict scrutiny. To get started on advertising, send an email to: ads@flashdp.net

If you're having problems creating an animated BBM display picture on FlashDP, checkout the Help Center. It is designed to help you understand how FlashDP works.

FlashDP was created by the Geeks at CreativityKills. CreativityKills is a Nigerian web design company. We specialize in developing beautiful & usable web and mobile applications. We also offer branding services.