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Create a Trace Afrobeats FlashDP. It's available for a limited time only. Click below to create now.

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FlashDP is a mobile web application that lets you create free custom animated BBM display pictures without design skills.

FlashDP is a free service that lets you spice up your BlackBerry Messenger profile by allowing you create custom animated free BBM display pictures. You can also use the animated BBM DPs generated anywhere else, like on Twitter as your profile picture.

There is no limit to how many FlashDP's or free animated BBM display pictures you can create, and no hidden cost, so rest assured that creating a custom animated gif display picture for BlackBerry Messenger on FlashDP is FREE now and always will be. Create Yours Now.

If you're having problems creating an animated BBM display picture on FlashDP, checkout the Help Center. It is designed to help you understand how FlashDP works.

FlashDP was created by the Geeks at CreativityKills. CreativityKills is a Nigerian web design company. We specialize in developing beautiful & usable web and mobile applications. We also offer branding services.